How Keenforms is Different

Not everyone needs a tool as powerful as keenforms. If you are using a form builder and you're happy with it, keep using it.


If you've ever been frustrated or dissappointed with your form builder, if it came up short in some way, Keenforms was built for you. Keenforms has distinct features that makes it more powerful than any other form builder available.

Conditional Calculations
Many form builders have a calculated field - but it's unconditional, and you can only set it once
Keenforms let's you set values conditionally, and you can change it multiple times
Generate Dynamic HTML
No form builder allows for dynamic HTML
No one but Keenforms can do dynamic HTML - check it out this interactive youtube iframe demo
Metadata - its a game changer
No form builder has anything like metadata
Keenforms let's you add custom data values for selectable options, and lets you use those values for conditions and calculations
check out there demos
Lead Scoring
Not all leads are created equal - no form builder has built in lead scoring
Keenforms let's you apply dynamic scoring so you can weigh the value of submission data
Event driven logic
No form builder is smart enough to trigger changes based on specific events
Keenforms let's trigger events on user actions in a way no other form builder does
IF This Then That (IFTTT) Logic with a Rules Engine
Many form builders have some limited built in conditional logic, but it's pretty weak, i.e. hide an input based on another input's value
Keenforms Rules Engine let's you create the complex conditional logic that usually required a programmer, and let's you create it with our No Code user interface dashboard